Children in No Man's Land  - dir. Anayansi Prado / prod. Impacto Films
      Still Lives - dir. Michael Rababy / prod. Jennifer Cohn
      BPS - dir. David Ngo / prod.  Fellowship of the Onion Ring Productions
      Break-Up Therapy - dir. David Ngo / prod. Double Oh Three Productions
      Beyond the Bridge - dir. Wendy Haines/ prod. Illumine Entertainment
      Weekend Warriors - dir./ prod. Alexa Schulz
    Queen From Virginia: The Jackie Bong Wright Story  - dir./ prod. David Ngo
    It's On! - dir. Matt Leonard / prod. Kathryn Carner
    Mein Pflasterstein - dir./prod. Alexa Schulz  
    Mug for the Camera - dir./ prod. David Ngo  
    Under the Needle - dir. Del Weston / prod. E.F.C. Productions
    Right Side Up - dir./ prod. Jasmine O'Donnell  
    My Best Roommate - dir./ prod. Tami Talebi  
    Chekov's He Quarrelled with His Wife - dir./ prod. Charles Olguin-Trelawny
    Parking Ticket - dir./ prod. Charles Olguin-Trelawny  
    Venice Beach Sketches - dir./ prod. Gerry Maxey
    A Long Road To Travel - dir./ prod. Markus Davids
    Get out of Dodge - dir. Katie Ackerman / prod. Standing Room Only
    The Beat Nicks - dir. Nicholson Williams / prod. Exile Pictures
    Burning Heart - dir. Alexa Schulz / prod. Wolfgang Schweiger
    Traces - dir./ prod. Alexa Schulz, AFI
    Poor Toni - dir. Del Weston / prod. E.F.C. Productions      

      Jonny Zero (Episodes 8,10,11) - dir. Mimi Leder / prod. Warner Bros., broadcast on FOX
    Fempresario - dir. J Cabrera / prod. Greenway Arts Alliance
    Maid in America - dir. Anayansi Prado / prod. Kevin Leadingham, broadcast on PBS INDEPENDENT LENS
    High Tech Homes - dir./ prod. Cinematic Post, broadcast on HGTV
    Cop Stories - dir. Del Weston / prod. E.F.C. Productions
    Tatoo Nation (Episodes 1-6) - dir. Del Weston / prod. E.F.C. Productions
    Anastasia's Brow Kit & Wax Kit - dir. Ron F. Cobert / prod. Shining Productions
    L.A. in a Minute - dir. Del Weston / prod. Pamela Jean Productions, broadcast on COMCAST
    Karaoke Nights (10 episodes and theme) - dir./prod. Jacqueline Kong
    Five Forms To Black - dir. Del Weston / prod. E.F.C. Productions

  Dead Bride Running - dir. Rick Sparks / prod. Theatre Mambo and Big Prairie Productions
Inconceivable! - dir. Rick Sparks / prod. The Globe Playhouse
    History of Fairfax (according to a sandwich) - dir. Jon Shear / prod. Greenway Arts Alliance
    Clutter - dir. Rick Sparks / prod. The Colony Theater
    Banned and Burned in America - dir. Ayana Cahrr / prod. Greenway Arts Alliance
    Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange - dir. Rick Sparks / prod. Greenway Arts   Alliance
  Tuned Out - dir. Wendy Haines / prod. City at Peace
    SNL meets Malcolm, a night with Eric Miller - dir./prod. Eric Miller

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