Robert F. Trucios has been writing music for film since 1995. He is a dedicated and very dependable artist who, in the process of music making, has been given the opportunity to compose on numerous features and shorts. Classically trained in music theory and an accomplished instrumentalist in piano, woodwinds, and percussion, Mr. Trucios composes and produces music with sonic qualities influenced by classical, romantic, and jazz, as well as hip-hop, electronic and traditional forms from all over the world. His music juxtaposes acoustic instruments with synthesis and sampling to create a collage of textures and moods for his scores. As every film is individual and unique, so is the music Mr. Trucios composes for them.

Robert's music has been heard in over 30 film festivals worldwide and aired on 4 continents. He has scored the award winning documentaries for PBS and placed songs on multiple network television shows for WARNER BROS on FOX. 



      Children in No Man's Land  - dir. Anayansi Prado / prod. Impacto Films
      Still Lives - dir. Michael Rababy / prod. Jennifer Cohn
      BPS - dir. David Ngo / prod.  Fellowship of the Onion Ring Productions
      Break-Up Therapy - dir. David Ngo / prod. Double Oh Three Productions
      Beyond the Bridge - dir. Wendy Haines/ prod. Illumine Entertainment
      Weekend Warriors - dir./ prod. Alexa Schulz
    Queen From Virginia: The Jackie Bong Wright Story  - dir./ prod. David Ngo
    It's On! - dir. Matt Leonard / prod. Kathryn Carner
    Mein Pflasterstein - dir./prod. Alexa Schulz  
    Mug for the Camera - dir./ prod. David Ngo  
    Under the Needle - dir. Del Weston / prod. E.F.C. Productions
    Right Side Up - dir./ prod. Jasmine O'Donnell  
    My Best Roommate - dir./ prod. Tami Talebi  
    Chekov's He Quarrelled with His Wife - dir./ prod. Charles Olguin-Trelawny
    Parking Ticket - dir./ prod. Charles Olguin-Trelawny  
    Venice Beach Sketches - dir./ prod. Gerry Maxey
    A Long Road To Travel - dir./ prod. Markus Davids
    Get out of Dodge - dir. Katie Ackerman / prod. Standing Room Only
    The Beat Nicks - dir. Nicholson Williams / prod. Exile Pictures
    Burning Heart - dir. Alexa Schulz / prod. Wolfgang Schweiger
    Traces - dir./ prod. Alexa Schulz, AFI
    Poor Toni - dir. Del Weston / prod. E.F.C. Productions      

      Jonny Zero (Episodes 8,10,11) - dir. Mimi Leder / prod. Warner Bros., broadcast on FOX
    Fempresario - dir. J Cabrera / prod. Greenway Arts Alliance
    Maid in America - dir. Anayansi Prado / prod. Kevin Leadingham, broadcast on PBS INDEPENDENT LENS
    High Tech Homes - dir./ prod. Cinematic Post, broadcast on HGTV
    Cop Stories - dir. Del Weston / prod. E.F.C. Productions
    Tatoo Nation (Episodes 1-6) - dir. Del Weston / prod. E.F.C. Productions
    Anastasia's Brow Kit & Wax Kit - dir. Ron F. Cobert / prod. Shining Productions
    L.A. in a Minute - dir. Del Weston / prod. Pamela Jean Productions, broadcast on COMCAST
    Karaoke Nights (10 episodes and theme) - dir./prod. Jacqueline Kong
    Five Forms To Black - dir. Del Weston / prod. E.F.C. Productions

  Dead Bride Running - dir. Rick Sparks / prod. Theatre Mambo and Big Prairie Productions
Inconceivable! - dir. Rick Sparks / prod. The Globe Playhouse
    History of Fairfax (according to a sandwich) - dir. Jon Shear / prod. Greenway Arts Alliance
    Clutter - dir. Rick Sparks / prod. The Colony Theater
    Banned and Burned in America - dir. Ayana Cahrr / prod. Greenway Arts Alliance
    Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange - dir. Rick Sparks / prod. Greenway Arts   Alliance
  Tuned Out - dir. Wendy Haines / prod. City at Peace
    SNL meets Malcolm, a night with Eric Miller - dir./prod. Eric Miller

  American Society of Composers and Publishers (A.S.C.A.P.)
National Association of Television Producers and Executives (N.A.T.P.E.)




music composer / producer

long beach, california, usa
phone: 562-260-0403



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